Kansas Department on Aging  
   LCE LTC Resident Review and Staffing Reports
   Resident Reports - Table of Contents   Staffing Reports - Table of Contents 
Resident REPORTS for Adult Care Homes
S00 Resident Capacity, In-Resident Days, Occupancy Rate by County

S04 Resident Admissions and Discharge Locations

S05 Nurse Aide Trainee Report (for reference week)

S07 Direct Care Staff Daily and Weekly Hour Average Ratio (for reference week)

S09 RN Hours for 8 Consecutive Hours per 24-hour Period (for reference week)

S10 RN or LPN Hours for 24 Consecutive Hours In a 24-hour Period (for reference week)

S12 Weekly Number of Selected Staff by Category (for reference week)

S25 Activity Staff and Social Services Staff Weekly Hour Average Ratio (for reference week)

S27 Adult Day Care Services Census and Hours (for reference week)

S28 Apartment and Living Unit Total and Occupancy Rate

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